View of the Tipis

You couldn’t miss what this wedding was all about (technically it was a handfasting as Ben & Becky had actually got legally married in the States 2 years before but Becky always said it was their real wedding) – love across the pond.

We had the Stars & Stripes flying at our entrance gate, proudly matched by the Union Jack (& the Cornish national flag just inside!) & lots of American guests camping in tipis as well as those from the Midlands & closer to home.

2 Ben Becky stars and stripes and union jack appleBimages

High summer colour

The colour scheme was all high summer; oranges & yellows, the food & drink sizzling Spanish with citrus & Sangria, tapas & paella – our number one caterer brilliant as always with olives & chorizo accompanied by flamenco guitar.

3 Ben Becky ceremony and wedding pavilion area appleBimages3 Ben Becky ceremony and wedding pavilion area appleBimages

colourful guests and wedding pavilion appleBimages

Treasure hunt & piskies

Butterflies & bunting draped between the trees, but best of all, hidden in every nook & cranny were tiny little Cornish piskies – in red, yellow & green, tucked away for the children to find in a treasure hunt after the ceremony. Kids got presents & to play dress up with masks later on.

cornish piskies appleBimages

Parasol & balloons

The hot July weather meant that Becky’s parasol came in super handy offering real shade on the water when those iconic images were taken of them boating on the lake after their ceremony – complete with balloons, flowers & ferns.

8 Ben Becky at the lake with balloons appleBimages

Lake bridal shoot

The lake was really important to them (no worries on the water for the groom as a US Naval Officer) so their wedding pictures were done lovingly with lots of time - & what iconic images they got that afternoon – pictures to last a lifetime.


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