Gemma & Tris got married on a sunny August day – with puffy white clouds in a blue sky & sun dappled woodland paths.

1 Welcome to Cornish Tipi Weddings appleBimages 6325

 2 Maquee and table flowers

Colourful Chinese lanterns & matching flowers gave the big marquee pops of pink, orange & purple – with passion flower vines twining round a rustic pallet wood seating plan featuring the bride & groom’s favourite drinks – perfect!

 3 Pavilion sign and flowers 3 Pavilion sign and flowers

Flowers were everywhere – dotted around on picnic benches outside the ceremony area, swags of colour above the wedding pavilion arch, a graceful trailing bouquet in the bride’s hand & a floral wreath in her hair, half globes of clear glass with mini gardens hanging from the trees, & wound round the 3 tiered wedding cake.

 5 flowers hanging in oak tree painted badger tipi with bouquet

Even the badger on one of our painted tipis couldn’t resist a sweet smelling sniff…

A flowing veil & crazy quad

24 A veil in the breeze Cornish Tipi Weddings appleBimages 7405

Canapes were served in the woods & then Gemma & Tris wandered under the trees to a few blissful moments alone at the lake – Gemma’s veil almost stole the show – captured beautifully here in black & white.

 7 Musicians and canapes KerrasCatering

 8 Woodland kissing 8 Woodland kissing

 10 Railway arch and flowery cake

 6 crazy quad

The bride’s Mum is a farmer so she grabbed the site quad from venue staff & drove her daughter in style to the marquee reception – we like to go with the vibe whenever possible J

Gypsy jungle & tankards

 11 tankards and dancing

Musicians who were friends of the bride’s played an acoustic set at the wedding pavilion & later plugged in for some serious gypsy jungle turbo in the main marquee. Groomsmen got their own engraved tankards so pints could be downed with no mistakes about which glass was which!

Lanterns on the lake & big firepit

 12 Lake Lanterns and Chill out tipi

39 Evening Firepit Cornish Tipi Weddings appleBimages 8498

There were lanterns on the lake at 9pm and a chill out tipi on the marquee lawn, & of course the big fire pit to sit round whenever anybody wanted – and the best way to end an awesome day.







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