We called her the sparkly bride, because everything she did shone – from the smile to the dress, to shimmering sari silk used to partition the main marquee - & all of course hand in hand with the beaming groom.



1 Sparkly Bride and Handsome Groom

It was mid-August & the weather was kind (August is often wet & windy these days!) so Anna walked the few minutes (literally about 3) from a wonderful local B+B to her ceremony in the woods.

Classic ceremony

Big stands of white & cream flowers arranged by the groom’s Aunt framed the Registrars table with a vintage cloth of hand embroidered lilacs for signing the all important Register at the end of the ceremony.

Drifting gently overhead were white Chinese lanterns & simple bunting with our big Moroccan lantern & church candles glowing inside.

2 pavilion with lilacs and white flowers on stands

After post-ceremony canapes & drinks everybody went up to the main marquee for barrels of beer (champagne too!) and a tip top hog roast from the excellent Kerra’s Catering. 

All out marquee style

Anna & Malcolm went all out when it came to set dressing & styling the marquee; they partitioned off an entire area to make a cosy lounge area complete with straw bale sofas, Turkish rugs on the floor, our own rustic bar, & lots of vintage details (the big Buddha was a favourite), especially the raffle table (tickets were free J) & board games (Scrabble anyone?), not to mention antique cutlery in silver baskets with clear glass grapes next to the wine glasses.

3 marquee divider with Sari fabric3 marquee divider with Sari fabric3 marquee divider with Sari fabric3 marquee divider with Sari fabric

Shocking pink fabric mingled with accents of lime & turquoise, & vivid blue & yellow flowers welcomed guests at the main entrance.

9 marquee flowers

The bride arranged wonderful seed heads & teasels in jugs & giant bottles – all grown & dried by herself - natch!

8 marquee bar area

A friend who was a potter made little raku fired ceramic tipis – perfect as table centres next to flowers in ribboned jars on lace runners.

6 Raku tipis jam jars of flowers

It’s nerf or nothin’!

After feasting and speeches it was all outside for a nerf battle in a straw bale lined arena & much hilarity with foam-based weaponry…

10 Nerf battle

Simple pleasures

Then it was an evening of a simple playlist on our portable audio system with the big campfire at sunset & guests popping into the photobooth tipi on the lawn – the wedding couple were as radiant as the marquee style they created and the feeling of the day they made.


Venue: www.cornishtipiweddings.co.uk

Pictures: www.appleBimages.co.uk

Catering: www.kerrascatering.co.uk

B+B: The Cornmill Port Isaac Road Trelill 01208 851079

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