This doesn’t feel like the funnest blog post we’ve ever come up with, but we wanted to address the Covid-19 problem head on and let you know that if you’re feeling anxious or uncertain about your plans, you’re not alone and we’re happy to talk through anything at any time.


How Coronavirus will affect your wedding is difficult to answer at this stage (13.3.20) but obviously a key point is when is your wedding? The timeline is pretty crucial; weddings happening in the next couple of months or so will have different issues to weddings happening later this year or in 2021.

At Cornish Tipi Weddings we’re still gearing up for a great outdoor wedding season, starting in April and running right through to the Autumn. We’ve got a Coronavirus policy in place which deals with everything from guests travelling from overseas to increased cleaning and vigilance for our housekeeping team who look after the tipis and inside areas at the venue.

2 Guests seated outside for woodland wedding ceremony

We’re still seeing wedding couples for venue visits, taking last minute bookings for weddings (including some that have had to change their wedding plans from Italy & Hong Kong & are coming to Cornwall instead), and booking guests into our beautiful tipis and woodland camping pitches.

All our regular suppliers; caterers, celebrants, florists, photographers, musicians etc are hard at work as usual showcasing the very best Cornwall can offer – in one of the lowest risk areas of the UK.

4 floating lake wedding ceremony

We can’t be sure what plans central Government or local authorities will put in place – but when and if they do, then of course we’ll all do our bit and work together to try and achieve the best possible result for every wedding couple and their guests.

The main places to look for official advice are the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Department for Health & Social Welfare (DHSW) and the NHS and of course your insurance company. If you haven’t got round to taking out wedding insurance yet then please move it to the top of the list – whenever your wedding is.

So we’re planning to stay hard at work in the office (working in a remote rural location has its advantages!) and going on getting ready for your wedding at the venue. We’re doing lots of extra hand washing and generally keeping an eye on things.

5 Wedding guests seated outside with event tipi in background

Once we open for the first Easter weddings we’ll probably all know more about what’s happening, but with outdoor weddings, fresh air and the wide open spaces of the Cornish countryside we feel pretty confident that we can give you the day of your dreams whether it’s in 2020, 2021 or beyond 😊

3 coloured smoke bombs wedding reception

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