If you’re trying to reduce the size of your guest list then crossing out loads of kids is definitely one way to do it (although not inviting people you really don’t want is another!).

The thing you may lose though is something other than numbers – maybe some of that wide eyed wonder you get with children on a wedding day (a bit like round the tree on Christmas morning), and some of the magic they bring to your day.

2 beautiful flowergirls at Cornish Tipi Weddings2 beautiful flowergirls at Cornish Tipi Weddings2 beautiful flowergirls at Cornish Tipi Weddings

Outdoor weddings are perfect for kids as they don’t have to ‘shut up & behave’ in the same way as in church or a smart hotel – result? They act so much better when they don’t have to!

Whether it’s making daisy chains , paddling in the stream, kicking a ball, bashing a Pinyata, chasing bubbles, following a treasure hunt, toasting marshmallows on sticks, hooking-a-duck or anything else you or they fancy they just don’t get bored when they’ve got nature to play with.

3 childrens activities at Cornish Tipi Weddings3 childrens activities at Cornish Tipi Weddings

If you want to cover all bases, we’ve got children’s entertainers (who’ll happily supervise a separate children’s meal in a smaller tent outside the main marquee) , babysitters, ideas for outdoor games like giant chess & Jenga, or vintage ice cream vans & trikes to serve old fashioned ice creams in cornets.

8 childrens entertainment7 childrens wedding table and toys

You can make special arrangements for Punch & Judy, a Teddy Bears Picnic, or maybe a mermaid with sustainable sea stories and eco-goody bags – ideal for a Cornish wedding venue!

9 teddy bears picnic punch and judy

How about arranging an afternoon storyteller in the meadow tipi or you can convert the same tipi into a ‘kidz tipi’ and stock it with little toys & games, crayons & colouring books. Or just turn it into a crèche for really little ones where their parents can feed & change them and put them down for a nap…

10 kids wedding arts and crafts

Children love the great outdoors and they love to dress up and feel they’re part of something special – they know it’s an important day for everyone and they’re lucky to be invited.

11 kids in fancy dress11 kids in fancy dress

Of course if they’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid/flower girl/page they’ll take their duties very seriously indeed. In the cuteness stakes it’s hard to beat kids walking into the wedding ceremony as part of the bridal party.

13 bridal party kids

At our venue we like to help with the extra numbers children make by charging less for younger children and tiny ones are free of charge.

14 babies at weddings14 babies at weddings

Another option is to just ask children of very close family & friends – although with a wedding in Cornwall this may mean some families cannot come as they won’t have childcare arrangements back home or don’t like leaving their babies & children with other people.

16 night time kids16 night time kids

Ultimately though the guest list has to be how you want it – and if you want it to be adults only (& maybe more grown-ups on the guest list as a result) then don’t worry about what other people want and go fully child free because this will be right for you & your wedding day.

images: appleBimages

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