If you’re attending a wedding here then you’ll have all the benefits of staying in a tipi or tent on our lovely campsite, but you’ll also have no problems with getting to the venue on time (guests nearly always arrive the day before). You won’t have to worry about parking or drinking or taxis, & you’ll be on hand for a much needed dip in the lake & have breakfast with everybody the next morning – what could be nicer?

Wedding guests also benefit from a special discount if booking into the Top Village Field tipis – give us a call for details.

Day guests (people not staying with us but coming to a wedding) do need to check our location & directions carefully as Sat Nav really doesn’t work well around here.

So if you don’t mind missing some of the fun & are just coming in for the day, you’ll also need to be sure you understand our (very few) rules – no dogs please & parking must be in our day guests’ parking area. This means driving in our main entrance, absolutely not through our bottom gate as you’re likely to get in the way of the Registrars, or worse still, the bride!

Anyone with special mobility requirements we will of course make separate arrangements for, but everyone else enjoys the couple of minutes’ walk through our woodland paths on the way to the wedding ceremony, so don’t forget to bring the right shoes – heels, flip flops, wellies, sensible brogues – people often bring the lot.

Make sure you have a look at our sister w/s:  to get all the info you need about staying at our campsite - you'll kick yourself if you stay anywhere else...

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