One of the first questions we're often asked is about the food & drink side of things - let's face it, its an important part of many people's day and for some couples its a deal breaker if they feel this isn't right. Luckily we've got some of the best suppliers in the County on hand to provide you with an amazing range of goodies from locally farmed meat and fresh caught fish (Cornish lamb, mackerel, crab), to seasonal fruit and veg (Boscastle potatoes, Cornish strawberries and asparagus), superb Cornish cheeses (Yarg, Cornish Blue, St Endellion Brie & Camembert) and Cornish clotted cream, artisan gins (Tarquins - try the Blackberry or Seadog Navy Strength) and craft beers, Cornish cider companies and even local vineyard wines and champagne - Camel Valley pink champagne is hard to beat!

We work with a range of small local companies that provide our couples and party goers with fantastic food and drink to suit all tastes and pockets. For a detailed list contact us, but to whet your whistle here's a few of the best.

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